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When you partner with Hands for Heroes™ to provide massage therapy and related modalities, you are giving one of the most useful services that can be received by our returning veterans. As health care providers you are already aware of the profound effect massage has in alleviating pain, reducing stress and balancing lives. For every veteran to whom you provide service, this will in turn affect the lives of their family, friends and associates indeed affecting countless others.

Partner with Hands for Heroes and help veterans

Just consider that thousands of veterans return to their homes both here and from overseas service each year. To serve our country the veterans may have given up what most of us take for granted. Just being on their homeland and among family and friends is often just the tip of the iceberg.

Your commitment for services can begin at any level, even one massage session. As our work expands to every community across the U.S., we have gone a long way to heal our nation’s protectors.

To support you, Hands for Heroes™ will provide you with marketing materials to notify the public of your commitment to the military Veterans who have served us.

When you partner with Hands for Heroes™, we will immediately forward you a Hands for Heroes Partner™ wall certificate, a Hands for Heroes Gift Certificate Template, a press release and our logo which can be used in your publications and advertising. At your request, we will also provide your massage business listing on our National Registry where Veterans can locate you in your area.

Just fill out the brief Partner Information Form and state your level of commitment on the Hands for Heroes Goal Setting Page. Please remember to forward to us the number of Veterans for whom you provide sessions each month. We will keep a count on our website of the total bodywork sessions given around the nation.

So join with Hands for Heroes in this most rewarding endeavor in healing our nation’s protectors, our service men and women.

MISSION: The mission of Hands for Heroes™ is to make available to our returning Veterans, Massage Therapy and Bodywork through numerous health care centers and individuals across the U.S.

GOAL: One Million Massages! The Goal of Hands for Heroes™ is to enlist numerous partners in providing free Massage Therapy services to Veterans. Our ultimate goal is to provide one million Massage sessions.

For more information visit: http://www.handsforheroes.net

One thought on “Hands for Heroes

  1. Would definitely like to sign up to work on our veterans coming back home that can use our help. I have over 22 years as exoerience doing Neuromuscular Bodywork. I specialize in Dr. Janet Travell”s works know as Stretch and Spray. She developed this modality and used part of this work in conjunction with other techniques on Presidnt Kennedy while he was our president.
    I have worked on two olympic atheletes before going to China for the Tae-Kwan-Do martial arts..

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