Enhance Your Facebook Visual Elements

Your massage business profile page on Facebook doesn’t leave room for a lot of customization.
And in fact many of the questions Facebook posts on the profile page are questions you may not want to answer.

(Note: We’re not talking about a Fan page at the moment. Things are a bit different with that and we’ll take a look at building a Fan page in a bit)

Because your massage business profile doesn’t leave room for much imagination, it’s important to play up the visual elements. The first visual element people will notice is your Avatar.

An Avatar is that little headshot, picture, or graphic you upload with your profile. On Facebook they call it your Profile Picture.

Your avatar accomplishes several goals.

• It helps brand your business
• It helps people connect with you as a person. (It’s like flipping to the back cover of a book to see what the author looks like. As human beings we connect to faces and your avatar will help forge a connection and strengthen your massage business – it demonstrates there is a real person behind the business.
• It attracts attention
• It generates likeability
• It evokes emotions

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