Online Negativity…

We’ve all heard the old maxim:  “Bad press is better than no press.”  There’s more than a dollop of truth in that – the best way to get yourself noticed is to be the center of a scandal!

In massage business marketing, you don’t exactly want to be the center of scandal, but there are two schools of thought about negativity.

One school claims it’s never right, and should be avoided at all costs – that it will backfire on the person stirring the coals:  The other, that it creates a torrent of comments and makes sure everyone knows the controversial pot-stirrer’s name.  Both are right… and both are wrong.

Here’s the easy way to ensure that any negativity you dish out or controversial debate won’t destroy you or your reputation…  Never throw a cat among the pigeons just for the sake of stirring up a storm.  That’s when it backfires on you, branding you as someone to be avoided.  If you do stir the pot, make sure you are:

a.    Genuinely protecting or defending your followers
b.    Keeping it relevant to your masssage business persona – and the personal side you’ve chosen to reveal
c.    Standing up for your truth

If you want to start a heated debate about politics – run for office!

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