Advertising: Pop-Ups and Floating Ads

Ads are effective on capturing the attention of visitors on your massage business website or your brand of business, specially if the ads are eye catching, informative and interesting.

These are ads that pop up or float above the web page being viewed. They might pop-up right when the visitor comes to a website or after a set period of time. Or they can be set to come up as the visitor tries to leave.  They can include graphics, audio, video or just text.

The benefit to pop-ups is they interrupt the website viewing process to capture attention, giving extra assurance that the ad will in fact be seen.  However this popping up or floating by when someone is trying to read website content can be considered quite annoying by website visitors – particularly on websites where pop-ups are excessive. But with testing you’ll know the true effectiveness of this type of advertising. Just because it annoys you, doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be effective.

Tips for Pop-Up or Floating Ads: Always evaluate a website before agreeing to show your pop-up ad. If the site is one endless pop-up that is more likely to freeze a visitor’s browser than to elicit a response, you might want to pass.

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